Flip the script!

Banish Limiting Beliefs and Break Through the Barriers to Success

are you tired of not crushing your goals?

You start out with the best of intentions but after a few weeks you have gone off track and can't seem to find the motivation to reboot.

This course is for anyone who wants to find a surefire way to break through the barriers to finding success on your own terms.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to identify and permanently banish the limiting beliefs that have held you back and create a new, more empowering story so you can take it to the next level.

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You’ll Learn…

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How to get to the root of your toxic beliefs

We’ll identify the old stories that are ruling your subconscious so you can see how they are holding you back

How to replace limiting beliefs with with a powerful new story

You’ll learn how to reprogram the critical voices in your head that rule 95% of your actions

How to convince your subconscious that the new story is true

You’ll learn the power of gathering evidence that supports the validity of your new belief system

How to take inspired action that leads to success

You'll learn how to set daily intentions that lead you in the direction of your new vision of success

Course Breakdown

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Introduction to Flip the script

Welcome! I’ll introduce myself and give you a brief summary of what you can expect from this course. We will also bust some common myths about goal-setting and success.

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Story-Guided Framework

This module will take you through xx steps of my unique framework for banishing old stories and limiting beliefs so you can succeed on your own terms.

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creating new pathways

You’ll learn how to add daily habits that will lock in the changes in your neural pathways so your new story totally banishes your limiting beliefs.

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Life has a way of throwing curveballs in our path. In this lesson, you will learn how to get yourself back on track when you lose momentum so you don't just give up on your goals.

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Bonus: Guided visualization audios

You will receive three audios that guide you through the process of uncovering the source of your limiting beliefs and replacing them with a new story so you can return to them any time you need a breakthrough.

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Are You Ready for success?

Take a giant leap toward crushing your goals with this empowering course.

Get Unlimited Access to All Lessons + Bonus Guided Visualization Audios


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About the Instructor

Author Laurie Morin is best known for her book, “Shero’s Journey,” and its story-guided, self-discovery framework to help you find the space, time, and resources to prioritize yourself, rewrite your old stories, and create a clear vision for the future. Through her book, retreats, coaching, and community, Laurie supports those ready to plan adventurous lives and legacies.



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